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Fashion illustration instructor at SLCC, fashion design student, singer, wife and mother of 4. Lover of Kitsch, mood and overdecorating.

Working my Tail OFF!!!

Currently taking a course on working with knitwear, and LOVING IT!!!

Also, I’ve really LOVED Instagram lately, and have created quite a few Fashion Illustrations to showcase there.  I’ll include them here, for my portfolio’s sake, in the Artwork tab.  Enjoy!!




SO, I’ve been away WAYYYY too long, but when you’re as busy as I am, it’s difficult to update!!

Anyways, here’s the deal:

ADVANCED SEWING was FANTASTIC!!!  I made the following jacket:

MILLINERY was even MORE FANTASTIC, resulting in THESE:

The school chose to display my rose creation.  Pretty exciting!!

And then, home to my four kids and the hubster.  LOVE my life!! But I’m EXHAUSTED!!!


NOW, I have just decided to do a bit more fashion illustration and refine my style a bit more.  I forayed into Instagram yesterday (really! I had, like, 5 pictures, total!) and I’m SHOCKED that people are actually really reacting well to them!! I’ve painted portraits for years, but thought that there wasn’t much demand for fashion illustration in the art world.  Just thought I’d throw my work out there for fun.  I’m so glad people are loving what I do – that makes it so rewarding to share!!  I think I’ll do one a day and see how this little experiment grows!!  Plus, I can only imagine it’ll help my style tighten up a bit more.

Here’s some of the works I’ve done on IG:


Now to help my eyesore of a website!!  Bleh…


Hello, Birls and Goys…

It was a CRAZY Christmastime, full of love, illness, family, illness, and MORE illness… and FINALLY, we’ve made it through!!

Photo on 1-26-15 at 2.03 PM #2

So, I finished my FREAKING DIFFICULT Pattern Drafting Procedures class, and after pulling my hair out a few times, am SO PROUD of myself!! This was BY FAR the most intense (time-wise and learning curve-wise) class that I’ve taken, and it wasn’t even my only class!! My patience for getting this Fashion Design degree finished is wearing a little thinner, and I’m only halfway done! But that’s better than just getting started, eh?

ANYWHO… the children and hubby are lovely, LIFE is lovely – and challenging. I still have a hard time when people fall by the wayside (whether it’s friends leaving or lives going in different directions, or even divorces of people we care about). I guess I just love people too much, and it’s hard to let them go – I just want to keep everyone with me!

I’ve been designing some great pieces for possible future projects, and I’m VERY excited at the prospects. Just gonna KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON…

Halloween is UP!!

Inspired by one of my favorite movies, “The Crystal Ball”, from 1943…


I worked for about a month off and on just to make one stupid gypsy/fortune teller box, only to give up and decide the front window would have more impact. Ah well… Such is creativity, eh?


I used an led figurine light display and an old globe from a thrift store to make the glowing ball, because the smaller crystal ball didn’t have enough impact. All in all, a fun way to decorate for Halloween!!


Doing my best to keep up with all the responsibilities I’ve got on my plate right now (four kids, 3 of which are in different schools!), teaching an art lesson once a week, keeping up with my house and being a decent wife, while still acing my two college courses (Fashion Illustration II and Pattern Drafting Concepts)…  LIFE IS BUSY.  But it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and when I’m exhausted, it’s wonderful to remind myself the REASONS why I’m exhausted.  I have MORE than I can MANAGE to take care of, and it’s ALL GREAT.  I Can’t gush ENOUGH!!

Here’s some of the most recent works I’ve been churning out lately:




I think the thing I’d most like is to have time slow down a bit…  My beautiful children are growing TOO FAST!!!  I don’t get enough squishy kisses and lovely snuggles with them.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***


(photo via the amazing Angela Meyer)

Also had an incredible friend visit the other day who honored me with a mini, impromptu photoshoot.  SHE is a BABE.  And it’s SO NICE to have time with friends…  There is never enough time to spend with amazing people, is there?  She even blogged about it, THE CUTIE!!!  See it  HERE!!