Sara, Outside the Classroom

Photo on 11-18-14 at 4.47 PM

Sara is a (very busy) mother of four children; a boy and three beautiful girls. She loves playing dress-up and being creative with her children. She’s married to an IMMENSELY talented man who creates music and videography for I LOVE REAL ESTATE STORIES. Sara and her husband started the band, QstandsforQ, with a friend in early 2002, and they performed for many venues, weddings and clubs around the state of Utah. They performed for Sundance twice, Park City TV twice, were featured in Salt Lake Magazine, and were nominated for a SLAMMY in 2008. The band is sadly on a very LONG hiatus, but may return one day.



When not snuggling with her children, (or painting) she is usually decorating her home with vintage frames, kitschy figurines and other oddities. She also sings with a lovely group of women (Treblelicious) around the Salt Lake Valley.



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